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Annual Report 2008-09
Chief Guest: Ms. Nalini Chuggani, Trustee, Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECED)
The year 2008-09 was highly satisfactory for the Institute. The results both in the university affiliated course and autonomous courses were commendable. All the courses showed a notable rise in strength. This could be attributed to the fact that content of the curriculum was updated to meet current requirements & quality input was given by our faculty to make the program effective. Around 98% of the students of all the courses secured jobs in their respective vocation.

Relevant workshops were conducted to strengthen the personality of our students like Developing sensitivity, bringing about attitudinal changes, enhancing self esteem in children, effective communication for personal growth, teaching through games to mention a few. Other workshops and seminars were conducted related to the course to help students hone techniques and skills suitable for their chosen vocations.

Innovative methods are adopted every year in the teaching – learning process. The intense internship in our program - 120 hrs in Special Education, 80 hrs in Counselling, 55- 60 days in Teacher Training gives students understanding, perception and necessary skills that  helps them in their respective field of work.

Emphasis is also laid on theory for all our courses which enables them to recognize the needs and interests of children/ adolescents.

Co-curricular activities like Rhyme recitation, action song singing and story narration were organised to develop and hone the necessary skills that are important for a teacher. Events like Elocution and Creative writing were also conducted to enhance the communication skills and written expression of the students.

Our Extra- curricular event FUNTOOSH was organized to showcase the bundle of hidden talents in our students. This included dance - solo/ group, Poster making, face painting, Tattoo making, Mehendi, Rangoli, Dupatta painting, Fashion show etc. External judges for all events were invited to select the winners.

Field visits to various institutions / Agencies were organized for all the courses to gain awareness about the functioning of the Institutions / Agencies.

Community outreach program was carried out by the II yr. DECCEd trainees in APNALAYA an NGO working for underprivileged.  Nutritional snacks and drinks were served to the Balwadi children.Value-based puppet shows were also conducted by our trainees for the children and the parents were also invited to attend the program.

The educational visits by the counselling students to D. C. School, Khandala and Samparc Balgram an orphanage at Lonavala provided the students an opportunity to conduct workshops on study skills / stress management / value education etc. for inmates and housemothers.

MANZILEIN an educational career fair in collaboration with SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce was organized by the counselling students ably assisted by all SIES – ICE students. The programme was well attended by many students from various schools and colleges and parents.

Students of SIES – ICE work very hard throughout the year and most of their practical work is commendable. We at ICE always had an urge to exhibit our students work for schools, other Training colleges and the public in general. Therefore for the first time SIES – ICE launched “KALANDIKA” a festival showcasing the years work of all SIES – ICE courses i.e. Teacher Training / Special Education / Counselling. Lectures on Learning disability and puppet shows by trainees were added features.  The festival took off very well and was appreciated by all. The credit goes to the students who exhibited their resourcefulness and enthusiasm by making the festival a success.

The consistent support received by SIES -ICE from the Management, Principal and non-teaching staff of the SIES College and the commitment, involvement and hard work shown by the faculty of the SIES- ICE makes the program effective, meaningful and sought after.

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