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Director’s Address
Welcome to SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education SIES (ICE).
The South Indian Education Society (SIES) is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city of Mumbai. SIES ICE under the aegis of the South Indian Education Society offers need based professional programs in Teaching, Counselling and Special Education. With a humble beginning in the year 1980 as a small seedling, training preschool teachers, today we have grown as a tree branching out to spread knowledge in Counselling and Special Education. Through this process we aim to touch the lives of individuals from a young child to a senior citizen in the metropolis of Mumbai; hence the genesis of diverse programs such as Teacher training, Counseling and Special Education. It is a matter of pride to inform that we are the only Institute in Mumbai offering University affiliated programs such as the Diploma in Early Education in Early Childhood Education (DECCED) and the Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling (PGDC).
What is special about the training?
  • The training is a balance of theory and practicum.
  • The intensive internship in all the three streams gives the student a hands-on field experience that helps them apply theory into practice. Internship not only hones the skills that are required for the profession but also acts as a stepping stone to provide job opportunities.
  • An array of field visits helps the students understand the various transactional strategies adopted be it a visit to a progressive school, an anganwadi, a special school, an integrated school or a school following an inclusive approach. The trainee counselors visit various counseling agencies and organizations to comprehend the diverse roles a counselor needs to play.
  • Teaching methodologies adopted are not the usual chalk-and-talk method. Students are taken in on a journey which is filled with pertinent workshops, seminars, presentations, role plays, panel discussions, creative art activities and sessions that are customized to their specialization be it teaching, counseling or special education. All attempts are made to make this sharing of knowledge meaningful.
  •  Competent and qualified faculties guide the students in every aspect of theory & practicum.
  • Community outreach programs develop in students the impetus to be a change agents and extend their learning to the betterment of the community.
As the students leave the portals of the Institute, they are given holistic training that will help them to create a mark in their chosen specialization. Thousands of students trained at SIES ICE are working in established schools and counseling centers not only in Mumbai but also in other cities and abroad. From being teachers they have moved on to become Supervisors, coordinators and Heads of various schools. Many have taken up higher education. “The ideals of education should not be to teach the maximum, to maximise the results, but above all to learn to learn, to learn to develop and to learn to continue to develop after leaving school!!”
We are committed to developing professionals who are responsible for creating and managing the future and present citizens of our country by way of teaching, counseling and special education.
Welcome aboard and be a life-long learner !!
Vidhya Satish
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