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SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education has always stood for Excellence & for 'Need Based Programmes'. In the eighties with the mushrooming of nursery schools, coupled with lack of trained personnel to handle the tiny tots, SIES started  the Pre-Primary Teachers' Training Programme. When it commenced in 1980 only 22 students enrolled for the course. In 1981 the name was changed to Institute of Pre- Primary Teacher Education. Later the programme got so popular because of the innovative strategies adopted and more students enrolled for the course.

Initially, classes were housed in the school premises as lecture halls could take only 70 adult students. In the course of time established schools all over the city  deputed their teachers to undergo training in our institute. In 1984 the Archdiocesan Board of Education supervising all the convent schools in the metropolis listed SIES as one of the 3 recognised institutions besides Sophia Polytechnic & Nirmala Niketan.  The trained teachers were considered to be put on grade if they had undergone training in anyone of these institutes.
In 1989 we were one of the first institutions to be affiliated to the University of Mumbai when the university took upon the task of recognizing pre-primary education, by then globally known as Early Childhood Education. Since then we have been offering the university affiliated programme, as well as our own institute programme.

The credibility of the programme can be gauged by the statement made publicly by Dr. Passi, the then Vice Chairman of NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) a national body formed by an act of parliament to regulate all the teacher education colleges in the country, when he reiterated his surprise & amazement that the institute diploma had double the number of students enrolled compared to the students enrolled for the university. He also praised the management for instituting such a need based programme.

The most significant aspect of the institute is that we offer diverse activities keeping in mind the challenges of the present day. After we evaluate, necessary  modifications are carried out resulting in the best of experiences & activities to hone professional skills. In the year 1998, to cater to the needs of the society, counselling programme was devised and thus we embarked upon the Post Graduate Diploma in  Counselling which got affiliated to the Mumbai University in the year 2000. With the popularity of the programme the only one of its kind recognised by Mumbai University, there were requests from several quarters to offer short term - part-time programmes. Thus we started the Certificate in Counselling, Advanced Certificate in Counselling, Counselling Skills for Professionals and Introduction to Counselling Approaches. The other programmes on the anvil are  Effective Parenting, Pre-marital Guidance, Making a success out of a marriage, ‘In-service programmes for professionals’ particularly in soft skills & so on.

In the year 2000  the Remedial Education programme was launched initially  for a duration of 3 months for teachers & counsellors. On evaluating the strength of the programme at the end of the course, we felt the course should be conducted for a period of 6 months duration. In 2005, the programme was offered as a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education with more inputs on all the disabilities with intense practicum & theory.

The Autonomous Post Graduate Diploma Program in Guidance and Counselling was also revived in the year 2007 to meet the growing demand of people from various backgrounds wanting to gain knowledge in the field of Counselling.

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