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Management & Administration
All SIES Institutions are managed by the Managing Council.
At the institute of Comprehensive education, the faculty are as follows:

Director - Ms. Vidya Satish

Co-ordinators of Courses
Teacher Education - Ms. Vidhya Satish
Counselling Education - Ms. Rupal Vora
Special Education - Ms Rukhshana Sholapurwala

Assistant  faculty - Ms. Suman Anantnarayanan
                               Ms. Vaishnavi Shashital
                               Ms. Jayalekshmy Viswanathan

The entire faculty from the Director, Co-ordinators to the regular staff take sessions in all the streams. We invite guest faculty who have enormous experience as practitioners  to take sessions on specific topics. Guest Faculty are often invited to lecture  for all the streams.

Our team of Guest Faculty are listed below:

  • Dr. Nilesh Shah (Psychiatrist, Prof & Head of Psychiatry, LTM Medical College)
  • Dr. Manglani (HOD, Pediatrics, Sion Hospital)
  • Dr. Kulkarni (Ex – Dean, Sion Hospital)
  • Dr. Uma Shankar (Trainer & Counsellor)
  • Dr. Dhawale (Psychiatrist & Community worker)
  • Dr. Harish Shetty (Psychiatrist)
  • Dr. Roda Billimoria (Educationist, Inclusive Education)
  • Dr. Karande (Dean, Sion Hospital)
  • Dr. Almeida (HOD, Human Development, Nirmala Niketan College)
  • Ms. Pratima Hawaldar (Soft Skill Trainer)
  • Ms. Archana Samarth (Psychologist)
  • Ms. Archana Rodriques (Special Educator & Counsellor)
  • Ms. Chandni Parekh (Social Psychologist)
  • Ms. Supriya Kher (Counsellor, Psychologist & Freelance writer)
  • Mr. Joseph Paul (Social Worker & Counsellor)
  • Ms. Mati Ahluvalia (Industrial Social Worker)
  • Ms. Keyuri Bhojani (Counsellor)
  • Ms. Kamala Srinivas (Trainer)
  • Ms. Rachel Valles (Vocational Counsellor)
  • Ms. Chandni Parekh (Social Psychologist and Social Activist)
  • Ms. Candice Fernandes (Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor)
  • Ms. Malini Shah (Counsellor)
  • Ms. Vanessa D’silva (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Dr. Mitali Shah
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