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Welcome to SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education (SIES ICE).

If you want to be a change facilitator, become an early years educator or a counsellor or a special educator, you are in the right place! Welcome to a 40-year-old institution that has been in the field of training Early Childhood Teachers, Counsellors and Special Educators. Our approach towards quality education is one of developing sensitivity, humaneness and right attitudes in the student which goes side by side with skill development related to the chosen course. A student who enters our portals be it at Sion or at Nerul will leave us with a personality that has been transformed to perfection, a positive attitude that will help face any challenge and professionally qualified to handle the job secured very well.

The rigour of all our courses is quite intensive yet fun and fulfilling. There will be lectures to attend, comprehend, and internalise. Internships to hone your learnings, presentations that will enhance your confidence and make you shed your inhibitions. Relevant practical activities from workshops to field visits, from role plays to case studies are planned. There will be no dull moment at all. As the students leave the portals of the Institute, they are given holistic training that will help them to create a mark in their chosen specialization.

Thousands of students trained at SIES ICE are working in established schools, special schools and counseling centers not only in Mumbai but also in other cities and abroad. From being teachers, they have moved on to become Supervisors, coordinators and heads of various schools. Many have taken up higher education. In short, the training will make you "market-ready".

The Rig Veda says that "When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution, then nothing is impossibleŁ!! We at SIES ICE focus on developing the right knowledge, which is where the mind comes into play, passion and dedication to pursue the chosen course which deals with the heart and a firm resolve to bring in all learning into active practice. We thus focus on a synergy that helps the student to become a well-rounded professional. Sky is the limit to such a student. We invite you to participate in our dynamic learning process.

Welcome aboard and be a life-long learner !!

Vidhya Satish PhD

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