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A certified Post Graduate Diploma which equips students with essential skills to be a proficient counsellor.


1 year


Graduates from any discipline.

Objectives of the course:

  1. To develop an understanding of the concepts of Guidance and Counselling.
  2. To develop attitudes, skills, insights and techniques necessary to be an effective counsellor.
  3. To acquire knowledge of different areas of counselling.
  4. To familiarize with different types of psychological and diagnostic tests.
  5. To gain insights into the working of different guidance and counselling centers.


PGDGC syllabus comprises of Part A - Theory and Part B - Practicum

Part A
Theory External Assessment (300 Marks)
Paper I Skills & Techniques of Guidance and Counselling
Section I Principles and Techniques of Guidance and Counselling
Section II Group Counselling and Intervention Strategies
Paper II Psychological Testing and Different Areas of Guidance and Counselling
Section I Psychological and Diagnostic Testing
Section II Counselling Special Groups
Paper III Educational and Vocational Guidance and Counselling
Section I Educational Guidance and Counselling
Section II Vocational Guidance and Counselling
Part B
Practicum (300 Marks)
Counselling Sessions using various intervention strategies
Research Project
Conducting workshops/presentations
Collection and Dissemination of Occupational Information
Internship Minimum 80 hours
Participation in Social Service Minimum 20 hours

Students are required to complete their course within the prescribed one/two years of the course duration.  In specific cases, approved by the Director of the institute the student can complete the course within a period of 3 years as prescribed under the rules and regulations of the institute. Completion of the course includes appearing for and passing the written examinations, passing the viva voce, all practical components and such other tests, exams, and assignments as may be prescribed by the institute. There shall be no extension of time granted for completing the course.  The only exception will be in case of long illnesses due to cancer, TB, chronic kidney disease, paralysis, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and duly certified by a medical practitioner approved by the institute.
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