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  • For a teacher, counsellor or a special educator, presentation skills play a vital role in skill set development.
  • For a successful presentation students adopt the following steps.
    • Theyfirst learn to research and collect information on the topic.
    • They carry out group discussions to plan the sequence of the presentation.
    • Necessary supplementary aids are prepared by them.
    • They carry out rehearsals and
    • Finally present on the given date.
  • This step-by-step process helps them not only in planning but also in rightful implementation.
  • Presentations give students an opportunity to express themselves confidently and shed their inhibitions. They lose stage fright and learn to present content with finesse and acumen.

Some of the presentations are:

Sr. No. Name of the presentation Objective and details of the presentation
1 Presentation on different festivals To understand the religious diversity and instil feelings of patriotism and togetherness a Presentation on different festivals
2 Value-based Puppet Showsforthe preschool and primary school students To enable students of the Teacher Training course to present a puppet show that is value based.
To foster skills that helps the teacher trainee to design and develop characters and story line.
To develop skills that aid in effective puppet making, puppet manipulation and story telling for young children.
3 Thematic Approach or Project Presentation To help the student teacher understand Thematic Approach or Project Method that was propounded by John Dewey.
To integrate various subjects to offer holistic education.
4 Listening Speaking Reading Writing, Mathematics, Science and Activities (LSRWMS) To hone the skill sets of students to provide an activity-based curriculum that aims at optimal development of language, math and science.
5 Common Ailments in Children To understand the causes, symptoms, treatment, care and prevention of common ailments in children.
6 Food Mela To prepare and serve healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner and nutritive drinks for children.
To present food items that are not only nutritious but also display creativity in presentation and taste.
7 Agencies working for children To help trainees understand the forces that work for early childhood education at the national, international and local level.
8 Preparation of First aid kits To enable teacher trainees to handle emergencies and prepare first aid kits. Students prepare the kits in the month of March.
9 Career Pathways To disseminate career information to college students
10 Career Panorama To present various career options for the Secondary School students
11 Religions of India To enable students to understand and appreciate religious diversity.
12 Role plays and street plays To enable students to understand multiple perspectives and emote in accordance to the role played.
To develop awareness related to various causes through dramatization.
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