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At SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education workshops are one of the most important learning methodologies adopted. Workshops aid in active participation of the students. It leads to not only understanding concepts but also aids in introspection, problem solving and perspective taking amongst the many more take-aways.

Workshops are always curated based on contemporary and specific needs of the society. They are planned in a comprehensive and complementary manner. For example,

  • Our counselling expertise helps us curate specific workshops related to child abuse or domestic violence or understanding depression. A trainee teacher or a special educator benefit from this. It helps them get a different perspective.
  • In the same manner, sessions on understanding learning disabilities helps counsellors and early years teachers.
  • Counselling students get an orientation and later understanding into creative artwork as the first step leading to an understanding of the value of music and movement and using them in therapy later on.
  • Puppetry which is considered as an important aspect of teacher training is also taught to students pursuing counselling and special education course. It helps them to use it for rapport building and developing self-awareness too!
  • Few of the workshops conducted for our students are as follows:
Title of the Workshop
The Art of Story Telling
Origami, the Japanese craft of folding paper to create interesting 2d and 3d models creates understanding of shapes, dimensions and as an introduction to Geometry
Workshop on Team Building
Teaching Aids Workshop
Games in the Preschool classroom
Developing Sensitivity in Teachers, Counsellors and Special Educators
Puppet Making using different materials and the art of puppetry
Bringing About an Attitudinal Change in Teachers and Counsellors
Music and Movement
Special workshop on Understanding Learning Disabilities
Importance of Phonics in Language learning
Child Sexual Abuse
Project-based Learning
Enhancing Self Esteem in Children
Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
Workshop on Creative Writing
Awareness regarding Suicide
Dealing with Depression
Behaviour Modification as a technique in Counselling
A series of sessions on Child Psychopathology
Time Management
Dealing with Difficult people
Play Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Modification
Marital Counselling
Domestic Violence
Psychological first aid for victims of natural disasters and crisis situations
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